LG HW300T Projector with HDMI Port



I have used my LG HW300T Projector for years and it has worked fine. However, about two months ago the HDMI port refuses to work. The VGA port does work

The projector itself powers on and the projected image is fine, the built-in "smart" functions work as they should, the built-in USB port still powers items, however whenever I plug things into the HDMI
port, I get the "no source found" blue screen.

I have not moved this projector for about a year and it worked perfectly until a few months ago.

Is there a way to reset the projector? Is this a known issue that can be fixed? Or is it dead?
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Unfortunately, there is simply no way of really knowing what is going on. This projector was discontinued 6 years ago, so the electronics have been there for a long time. This is a top concern for me anytime someone gets a LED or laser projector. You pay more for the solid state light engine, but lamps are just one small part of the overall cost, and an electronics failure is far more fatal than a lamp burning out.

I'm sure you've unplugged it for ten minutes or so and plugged it back in with no change. Also, I'm assuming you have tried different HDMI cables and a different source into the projector just to ensure there is no external issue.

You should call LG and review the entire owner's manual for any hints, but in reality, it is likely a short that was introduced into the HDMI connection that fried it.

Sucks, but projectors, like all electronics, do eventually wear out and break. Sometimes early in life, and sometimes with little or no rhyme or reason.
If you do end up projector shopping, let us know. Make sure to check AAXA as well if you want a LED replacement. Their prices are great for the quality. Top tier may still be XGimi, but USA support from them blows.

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