LCR (3.0) for under $700



I finally upgraded from my soundbar to a 3.0 setup, but want to consider other options before my time to return runs out. I’m using a Yamaha TSR-700 as my receiver.

Currently have Wharfedale 11.2 L/R and 11.CS center. I got all 3 for $400. I’m enjoying my first week with it. I may add a subwoofer, but would also be open to more expensive bookshelf speakers that’ll provide bass. I’m in an apartment and don’t want to get a complaint from my neighbors.

Floor standing likely wouldn’t work because my sectional would block any sound under 25” on the right side.

Besides Triangle BR03, Klipsch RP-600M, JBL 530, and ELAC are there any other recommendations?

I have until February 13 to return my current setup.

Mostly watch movies and game, no music.

TL;DR: front LCR setup for under $700, movies and gaming, enough bass to not require a big sub for my apartment.
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Agreed with Mazer, anything you can get in that budget would be a lateral move. I would just keep the Wharfedales.


I appreciate the feedback. I’ve been reading the forum on and off for a year and have read just about everything I can think of. I just tend to over analyze purchases (unless it’s for my dog). I’ll probably just got the money towards an HSU or similar sub

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I haven’t heard them but many say the RSL speedwoofer is the go to budget sub. A pair of them would likely give you great bass response and could be turned down to save your lease. Still you may want good curtains so you can enjoy movies while your neighbors are at work. A pair is just a little over your $700 budget.


I've not used it myself, but some bold claims about ELAC 1010 for only $130; if true that's all the bass you'd need in your current scenario.


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