Laid off, share some recipes



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A dutch oven is great for cuts of meat like that pork butt or beef brisket. They can't make real smoked BBQ, but they're much easier to use than a smoker. We first brown the meat with a little olive oil inside the dutch oven on the stove top, then add all the other ingredients, and put it in the oven with the lid on.
A large piece of veal brest and whole peeled potatoes, 360F for 2-3 hours covered in the oven. A bottle of aged white...


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Got laid off permanently so I have time to get a little more cooking done. Have a butt with just brown and granulated sugar, kosher salt and a dash of table. I need a new smoker so I'm gonna oven this one. 225 for a few hours, may goto 275 when I wrap in foil.
No need to wrap a shoulder, plenty of fat. You can also smoke it on a traditional BBQ for a couple hours then move to the oven. I’ve done some pretty creative stuff when I my electric smoker died.

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