Kube Sound Bluetooth Speaker-Cooler Overview



Audioholics Sheriff
Last week I was looking for some cool summer gadgets and found something pretty interesting and I just wanted to share it with all of you. Have any of you heard about the Kube?
The Kube is the result you get when you take the design knowledge of US company Thomas & Darden and combine it with the audio expertise of Polk Audio in one single product. Simply put, it is a Bluetooth speaker that will also keep you food and drinks cool and ready to party.

But what about space?
According to the company, the Kube measures 23 x 23 inches (around 30 litters) and weights about 19.8 lbs. But don't you think this baby can't rock! This portable Bluetooth speaker is capable of pumping out approximately 100db thanks to Polk Audio's integrated speakers. On its back, you will find both USB and power inputs with their own covers to keep water out.

This nice speaker'cooler is made of aluminum and and features a battery of internal LED lights which help illuminate the storage compartment when you lift the top and five buttons allows you control playback at all times.

For added peace of mind, the Kube is water resistant and features a convenient drainage system. Not bad at all!!!

I must say that I find the Kube pretty cool and its features make it a very appealing unit. But of course, like any other technological product such as this one, it comes at a price of $1,099.00/each - which certainly isn't going to sound cheap to some people. But if you think you can afford it and give this unit a good run for its price, then check out its website for more details. Let me know what you think about the Kube!

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