Klipsch R-20B Soundbar having bluetooth problems



When I stream music from my phone to the soundbar sometime it work great but must of the time the bluetooth will breakup and cuts in and out. I have followed the suggestions from Klipsch to forget the device and then reconnect to it. The only other suggestion was to try an android instead of the apple phone. my phone connects to my Yamaha receiver just fine and everything else I connect to. I want to try to repair the bluetooth if that is possible. Where do i find information on this.


Audioholic Overlord
I don't know how easy repair of bluetooth might end up being. It depends.
First thing I would do is turn off your AVR (and anything else you know to produce a signal in the bluetooth frequency range) as a check for interference.
Trying another phone, tablet, or laptop with the sound bar does make sense, because right now you are troubleshooting everything and this will be useful information for narrowing down the culprit. Also, try using your phone close to the sound bar. You AVR probably has a real, external antenna and most soundbars have the antenna internal (and presumably not as sensitive).
Is the unit past the warranty period?
Assuming the soundbar has connections for a wired hookup, you would be far ahead for money and time to simply use one of these using the input connection:

  • RBHsound.com
  • BlueJeansCable.com
  • SVS Sound Subwoofers
  • Experience the Martin Logan Montis