Klipsch quartets, Yamaha rxv1, sunflower sub woofer


Sal Cardello

Greetings all I have (at least in my mind ) some really great equipment, the sound quality is exceptional. I unfortunately do not have the room to set it all up and actually appreciate the quality of the sound.

I have a yamaha rx vi in the box with the remote.

A Sunflower Subsunfire woofer built by Carver,

And a set of original klipsch quartets

at the time of purchase this was all top shelf equipment, and I still believe it will hang with the best of them. The subwoofer and receiver are still in the original box, unfortunately I do not have the docs. The speakers are in very good shape, the top of top panels are a little faded form sun shining through wind on them.

I am not look for a lot of money for them just a decent offer. I live in ga north of atlanta, ane would love to sell to someone that appreciates great sound quality .

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