Klipsch Palladium veneer not color matched




I'm planning on building a 7.2 home theater system of Palladium speakers.
I recently purchased a pair of P-27S and a P-27C center channel to start me off. I got these extremely cheap at 1800$ for the center channel and the surrounds.
Unfortunately the veneer on the center channel and both the surrounds are completely mismatched in color. They are all marked as Espresso on the labels.
This has me very worried as im planning on purchasing another pair of P-27S and a pair of P-37 speakers, and if these might be color mismatched from my center channel and the set of P-27S i already own it would drive me nuts.

Does anyone know if this is a known problem only with the P-27S, and if i purchase a pair of P-37 they will match my center channel?

Have to say i'm extremely surprised that speakers in this price range could have this issue as ive had a veneered 5.1 system previously where all the speakers matched for a fraction of the price.

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