Klipsch 280F Reference Premiere Towers (Pair) Brand New! Local Pickup Only Phoenix AZ



I got a good deal on a speaker receiver package to upgrade my set. The problem is that 2 of the speakers I already own. These ones. I have 4 of these speakers now but I don't need the other 2. I opened the boxes to test and to ensure they were not damaged in shipping. They are in perfect shape and sound awesome just like mine. I have the receipt of the order and you can tell that they are not the used speakers because I never attached the bases. Come test them out as they are easy to hook up. I'm asking 900. Amazon is 998 after tax. In case your wondering, I included pictures of my used speakers (with bases) as well because I didn't want to take the new ones out of the packaging once I put it back on. The picture of them wrapped up are the new ones.


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