<font color='#000000'>I have some older KEF speakers (Q10's, Q30's, Model 100 center and 40B sub) that I am using for a home theater set-up. I like the looks and sound of the speakers, but I fear that my current receiver (JVC RX 6018) is not really allowing the UNI-Q, 6 ohm speakers to perform at their best. Any ideas and/or suggestions for an upgrade??</font>


<font color='#000000'>Scott,

If you wish to continue with a receiver, then consider one with high current output (amperage) and a relatively high damping factor (although a receiver's damping factor is always much lower than an amp or integrated amp). &nbsp;A DF of 100 or higher on a receiver would be very good. &nbsp;Brands that come to mind are: Rotel, B&amp;K, Sunfire, and McIntosh. &nbsp;Before Nakamichi declared a form of bancruptcy and reorganized, their RE series of receivers were excellent (Nelson Pass designed amps with VERY high current), and might still be found via the internet.</font>

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