Kanto SX 26” Speaker Stands: Well Thought Out Design & Build Quality



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Thanks to public enemy #1 I wanted to invest in better quality speaker stands
Loki (Cat) of Mischief known to knock over a speaker stand or two

I received a pair of 26” Kanto SX Speaker Stands which definitely fit the bill.
  • They have excellent fit & finish, with a very solid weighted base.
  • Includes a variety of accessories you might need to accommodate speakers of different sizes (see pic below)
  • Excellent cable/wire management system with plenty of room for even the thickest speaker/power wires
  • Nearly impossible for Loki to cause havok
Stands Unboxing.jpg

The intended purpose is to accommodate my new Persona B Surrounds in my home theater room. Since those are on backorder decided to test with my Kanto YU6 in the bedroom

Initial Impressions Unboxing & Setup:
Speaker stands arrived and packed well. Opening the box revealed pretty much everything you need or might need to make these stands fit your environment
  • Finish powder coating is pristine with no visible flaws & solid metal construction
  • Stand base is heavy and will help keep your speakers standing vertical
  • Lots of accessories: Two different sized speaker top plates (large and smaller) including corresponding top pads to protect your speaker finish.
  • Plastic bags that you can fill with sand and fit inside your stands if you want even more weight
  • Bespoke isolation feet for carpet and rubber bottom disks if you plan on putting the stands are hardwood floors
Setup is easy and took about 5-10 minutes per speaker, I chose not to put sand in the stands, but may change my mind when my personas arrive. These stands will support speakers up to 40lbs. Build quality is Top Tier.

Additional Note:
I am not a fan of the bespoke isolation feed w/rubber bottom disc, not sure why they chose this route, would have preferred separate feet for carpet and hardwood. Use of the disc requires special attention as not to risk damaging your hardwood floors. This was pretty much the only dislike in design choice.

After using these for a few weeks I can say that while priced a little higher than my cheaper Sanus wood stands they replaced, they are well worth the investment. These retail at $399, but considering that It cost significantly less for my center stand from paradigm ($800 retail) and has very similar build quality, I would consider them a solid deal. Will update when I put my Persona's on them.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Additional Photos:
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Glad our new stands could impress you! Your new Persona's will look great on them.

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