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Hey all, I am brand new to this site and hope I could ask for some advice early on into my home theatre journey. I have bought a home where there is a 120" hard screen with a JVC Dla-x500RBU projector. The system was fantastic until the screen went dark. I can only assume it is the lamp. I removed the unit from the roof and made sure the unit was dust free and then removed the lamp. It has a sticker saying the lamp mondel number is PK-L2312U.
I have called every shop here in Edmonton Alberta to buy a new lamp and have not gotten anywhere. I do see many lamps on Amazon for 50, 60, or even 150 dollars but do not know why there is such a price differential. I can only assume its because the cheap ones are crappy chinese knock offs. BUT will they work or can they ruin my projector. I dont know these answers and could really use some help from people that are far wiser than I in this area.
Should I order an Amazon cheap bulb?
Should I find a place to sell me an original replacement lamp?
If yes to question 2 could you possibly steer me in the direction to get the original replacement bulb.
Thank you


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Not a projector guy...yet. It did make me curious so I found a seller of the actual OEM part around USD 160 with a 180 day warranty/return policy, and one not JVC for USD 65 with a 90 day warranty. I personally would tend towards factory replacement parts when possible myself.....but staying tuned in to see what the projector experienced have to say. Maybe @BMXTRIX can comment....


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Whatever you do. Don't handle the new bulb with your bare hands. Wear gloves to prevent the oils from your hands on the bulb


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I don't have much to say about replacement lamps. I tend to buy branded original lamps, but a ton of people have had good luck with OEM lamps, and others have had terrible luck in general. So..... I just have very little to offer on this matter.

I think maybe if you are trying to stay on a strict budget, that I would be looking at a original replacement bulb only and would swap the bulb itself instead of the entire lamp and be super careful. But, I would still lean towards trying to get a proper factory lamp if I could.

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