JVC DLA-RS4910 4k eShift Projector and DaLite Retractable Screen For Sale



I have a very well kept, low hour, smoke free, JVC DLA-RS4910 4k e-shift projector for sale. I am the original owner. The projector is in perfect working order and I believe that it only has about 1200 hours on it, according to the projector’s menu/memory that tracks hours. I have all of the original stuff that came with the projector, including the original boxes. I also have a heavy duty Chief brand ceiling mount that will be included. This projector retailed for $5,200.00. I am asking $1,000 for the projector.

I also have a very nice, retractable DaLite screen to sell. I have remodeled my room and I am using an acoustically transparent screen now. This screen is the DaLite 88534 Contour Tensioned Cinema Vision Screen. The screen is 58” X 104” (119” Diagonal), 16:9 and has a gain of 1.3. The screen is bright and clear and works great with the RS 4910 projector. DaLite provides a very robust motor and can for their retractable screens. The screen can be remotely activated with a remote control to raise and lower the screen. This is a very nice screen! This screen retailed for $2,100.00. I am asking $500.00 for the screen.

This is a very nice set up for $1,500! Thanks for looking.

I'm in Sacramento, CA

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