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    Hey everyone,just wanted to chime in and let anyone who is interested in purchasing some speakers for their systems. I recently aquired a pair of JBL array 1400's. I have to tell you up front that I have listened to these speakers for a while at my favorite store, Alltronics 2000, on Bloor St. W. I fell in love with the sound of them immediately. After many listens on all types of music and source players, the musicality of these speakers is stunning. I am currently running the JBL's with the following: Pioneer Sc-09tx, Pioneer Bdp-088fd, Krell Connect with the analog dac model, Surge X XQ 515 power conditioner Pioneer PdD9 sacd player, Pioneer Dv-58AV ( for my multi-channel analog listening.) JBL Bass sub. Room correction processer, Toshiba HD Xa2,JBL Array 880 center, JBL LS80 rears, with PSB Imagine surrounds (4). Velodyne VA-1012XIi subs (2). Now on to the cream, the sound of the array 1400's. For quite some time I was doing all my listening in surround (5-7.2) I really enjoy the fact that I can play Pink Floyd DSOTM in5.2. and be blown away with the sacd issue. However, with the arrays, I now do my majority of listening in stereo again, as the music from them is just so amazing! These have the ability to reproduce music in all the right places in srereo mode. There is no " HORN" sound to them that some audiophiles complain about with horn loaded speakers. These sound completely natural or neutral if you wish.I find myself immersed for hours on end sometimes. I don't want to get into the "tech specs", but I do want to mention that they will be completely at home with whatever setup that you can throw at them. In fact, I have already pre-ordered yet another pair to complete a full 5.2 array system. That should tell you just how great these High-end boutique killers really are. My wife and I have been regulars at all the CANADIAN audio and visual shows for years, and let me tell you quite honestly without prejudice, you cannot get a better speaker for your hard earned money annywhere. I would put these baby's up against any speaker out there regardless of the price or make.eg; MAGICO, TANNOYS, MBL'S, MARTIN LOGAN'S, QUAD ESL'S, ETC., yes, I sincerely think in all my 20 plus years as a serious music listener and home theatre hobbyist, for roughly 15 grand, you cannot even come close to them. By the way, I have absolutely no affiliations whatsoever financially, or career wise with JBL or their parent company's at all. This is just my way as an end user to spread the word about these amazing gems that oddly, and sadly, have bare minimum press about them. None of the audio mags , except for one or two, articles, are ever recommending them. Sorry for the long winded praise, but they are really that good! Please give these a listen and aside from the curious look of them, you really will be amazed. Thank you for reading my opinions regarding these speakers. Happy listening, regards,Brian.
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    Pics or it didn't happen. :)

    (You can upload images to imgur and use the [img][/img] tag to display them. Imgur even provides a handy BBCode formatted link when you upload a pic.)
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    Good lord, some paragraphs would help this post immensely. I'm honestly having a really hard time reading that, but congrats on your purchase.
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    I've not listened to the 1400's. I have heard the JBL L200's, as well as the JBL L300's. I've been saving up for one or the other now for about as long as they've been discontinued. I have yet to hear anything better. The sound is simply unforced, an experience where volume does not seem at all loud, just natural, clear, and detailed. I get the same sort of sound from my JBL L100t3's; but, I cannot get the volume without it not sounding somewhat forced. Today's JBL 4367's are I believe somewhat like the JBL L300's, that's to say, unforced; but, I have not yet personally heard them. The reviews however have alluded to it. At any rate, I happy for all who can afford these; but, at $15,000 I just may need to enjoy what I've already got.

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