Jazzman's Carver/ESL 2-Channel System



Nicve System

Squeezebox Touch
Carver C1 Preamp
Carver TX-11A Tuner
Carver DTL-100 CDP
Carver SDA-450 CDP
Carver TFM-25 Power Amps
Behringer DEQ2496 EQ
Behringer DCX2496 Crossover
Homebuilt Hybrid Electrostatic Speakers
Homebuilt Ripole/Peerless-12 Subs
Homebuilt 12 Sealed Box Sub
Homebuilt Red Oak Rack

Nice System......I like your Carver amps....pretty good for money


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Hi all,
It's about time I updated my system pics to show the latest changes. I picked up a never-used (NOS) Logitech Transporter on Ebay and I love this thing!

However, the biggest change is the new panels in my DIY ESL speakers. I've replaced the original and highly-directional perforated metal stators with new, wide-dispersion segmented wire stators. The new panels use electrical segmentation which changes their projected wave front from planar to cylindrical.

No more beaming-- in fact the dispersion is not only better than a curved panel like ML uses but better even than most conventional speakers.

The details and build pics are shown on my website here.



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Didn't see your thread the first time around and still have more digging to do but awesome what I see so far. Great work!
DIY Junky

DIY Junky

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Thanks guys,

Back in the 80's I lusted for a Carver system but, even though Carvers were always priced right, I couldn't afford it back then. Now, old Carver equipment can be had on Ebay fairly cheaply. Mine are all recapped so should be good for another 20 years.

As for the furniture, I'm glad built all that stuff but I'm sure glad I don't have to build those beam-splitter transmission line bass cabinets for the ESL's again-- I had no idea what I was getting myself into with those. I really should get off my butt and design and post a simpler ESL design on my blog page.
Great system and great woodworking..What do you have for air space on the carvers ? I have a old carver 5.1 receiver with the Power Steering Amp and infinite correlation

and that sucker threw some heat.. still does cant kill it.. Sorry but I am the air space police READ MANUALS if you want it to last..
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It's a very impressive setup. Nice furniture as well. Congrats!
I am curious. Do your woofers operate in an isobaric configuration?

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