Jamo S 803 Dolby Atmos® Expandable Bookshelf Speaker



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They're certainly potent enough, especially for their size and can handle some power. Also work without a sub for most music. The bass from the little 5" woofer is commendable, in that it sounds larger. more along the lines of an 8". Somewhat revealing yet forgiving enough. They fill my 12' x 20' room with good sound, handily. They want to be a little bright but seems as if they were designed to play thru the magnetic, sort of tweed like grilles that come with them. Other than that, they don't have much in the way of distortion and I am playing them quite loud. That's one thing that I could not find in the literature was power handling spec. I had to go to their website to look it up. I could have missed it elsewhere, I suppose. Specs are here.

Definitely worth the $200 I paid for them. I have a lot of other great speakers and should also mention that there isn't much with modern audio that really excites me any more than say, 20-30 years ago. Still, they manage to contend with other speakers I have heard and I am constantly reminded it ends up still being more about the source, than the speaker, by 2018.

I also have to consider again, that I am listening to these without sub woofers and the bass is actually pretty impressive.

They have actual binding posts so it was just a matter of plugging them in, so that was good. The cabinets are narrower at the front baffle by .5" in 9.5" per side, which roughly translates to about 3 degrees. There is receptacles in the top for the addition of an atmos speaker.

Do I like these more than the JBL LSR305? Big hmmmm there. They sound larger and would be more of a competitor for the LSR308, perhaps.

These would be awesome for a budget system in a bedroom, or apartment. They can get away from you, meaning, they are clear enough to cause you to creep the volume up until you walk out and back in the room and realize they are loud.

Only issue I am having is, I already have too many good sounding speakers and I didn't need these. If I had been without for awhile, these would have been quite welcome.

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