It's turkey time… or The Bird is the Word



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We cooked ours the old fashioned way. Put it in the oven and waited for the button to pop up. Funny thing is, the button never popped up! After 4.5 hours we decided to just go for it. Came out perfect! The stove top stuffing was also amazing!

We are not foodies, but still love some thanksgiving dinner!

@speakerman39 , sorry to hear you got sick buddy! Sure it wasnt the alcohol? :cool:

Oh and I made everybody listen to the bird is the word song. Got a couple laughs.
Thanks Drunk. I feel much better now. Only cooked (6) turkey wings. Ate (3) of them and it was not too long afterwards that I got very nauseated. My stomach was in shambles. Needless to say, I just thew the other (3) wings into the trash. Also cleaned up my kitchen w/a little bit of bleach in my dish water. Even wiped everything down very carefully.

Thanks to the Good Lord I am better now. It sounds like your dinner turned out well. Glad to hear that. BTW, I do not drink alcohol anymore. Got myself into a heap of trouble b/c of it many years ago. Decided it wasn't for me and never looked back. Just a promise I made to myself. :)



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