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Sorry, I just need somewhere to blow off some frustration...

We use 3 pieces of cloud software in our work. There is the "Sales" side, "Inventory", and "Accounting".
There is a base level of integration, and works in most instances.

We looked at expanding the integration between the sales and inventory software, and set the information to flow only one way...however that doesn't seem to have worked, and now our inventory side is bloated with test products, test pages and more. information for existing products has been overwritten with junk.

and this is my Monday morning. I am so frustrated, and stressed. One of my main projects over the months has been to update, and clean our "inventory" of useless or archived items, and pages. This has set me back months of work.

and no, I don't work in IT. Just a user, who now has to clean-up the mess.

/rant over

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