Issues with Epson 8700UB?



This is my first post here, so my apologies if it's in the wrong place or doesn't meet the expected format!

tl;dr - How long should I expect the fan on my Epson 8700UB to stay on after I turn off the projector? Also, bulb replacement recommendations?

I used a Runco CL420 for a number of years previously, and when I shut it off the fan would always stay on to cool the bulb for several minutes. When I upgraded to my Epson 8700UB, I was very surprised to notice the fan only stayed on maybe a max of 30 seconds, possibly not even that long. But it performed fine, so I was happy. Then one day the bulb exploded. The bulb is rated for 4000 hours, and it had much less than that on it. Since I apparently did not note the hours anywhere, I'll just say it was less than 2,000, but I really think it was a good bit less than that as well.

The shorter fan duration and the bulb failing earlier than expected has me concerned there may be a problem with my specific projector, but also it was a used projector with a (probably) quite old bulb in it, even if the hours were low. So I can definitely accept this being a fluke and not an issue with the projector. I just don't want to spend the money ona new bulb only to have it blow soon as well.

ALSO, what about bulb replacement options? New from Epson a ELPLP49/V13H010L49 bulb is $331. I would much prefer to not spend that much, especially if there's a chance my projector may just blow the next bulb. I did notice the sticked thread in this section on replacement bulbs, it was a great resource! Based on that I'm currently tentatively planning on getting an OEM replacement from Projector Quest for $103.

Thank you for any feedback you can provide!!

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