Is jvc n5 a huge upgrade from uhd60



I have a uhd60 projecting in a room with medium light control ( white walls, open living room but shades can be closed only remote light sources can not be controled) projecting on a whitish wall and the picture is great with only some problems with uhd60 artifacts. I was thinking of upgrading and the only options really for me where i live is a sony 295 bought without any warrenty ( shipped from abroad ) or a more expensive jvc n5 or its pro install version with local warranty but 2K$ more.

Would i really see much of a difference with these projectors in my setup? I can not demo either.
I know the n5 is not readily available to most but jvc does have a history so tell me what you think :)


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Upgrade/huge upgrade are all subjective concepts. There is not a lot in the way of reviews right now, and I'm not sure if people really have done head to head comparisons of the current crop of DLP pixel shifters vs. native LCoS, especially JVC. The biggest jump I would expect is black level performance which will hopefully be outstanding with JVC.

But, you will want to read reviews and especially those which talk about black level performance and how their brightness is.

Epson pixel shifter vs. JVC pixel shifter looked very similar on paper, but JVC came in weighing something like 15 pounds more! They pack a lot more into their design/build than the competition and they have a history of performance where others have fallen short.

While I recommend you wait for some more reviews to hit the floor (are there any yet?), I would have a hard time going with Sony over JVC if I was looking for a long term projection solution.

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