Is it worth amping a smaller space?



I have an SVS Prime Pinnacle, Ultra Center, ultra
Books system, with Elevations for Atmos in a 5.2.2 (PB2000 Pro’s) in a 12x15 space. Denon x3700h. I was considering amping my front stage. Just not sure it’s worth it in the space.


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First of all drool at your system for me. I really, really want the Prime Pinnacle speakers. I may soon buy the Ultra bookshelf speakers.
I'm not sure if bi-amping is really worth it. I mean I've never tried it but to me it doesn't seem worth the hassle. The other smart guys, much smarter home theater guys will know more though and give you better advice.

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Mark E. Long

Mark E. Long

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If your talking adding outboard amps for your front bed layer ? I’d say yes it will help the avr to run cooler that’s a good thing any time you can run electronics cooler heat and dust are your enemies .


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Your listening room is rather small and the Denon AVR-X3700H is a very capable receiver. I would suggest that you try using it without external amplification first. Most likely, you will find its power amply sufficient.
Should you find that it's struggling because you like to listen to music and movie soundtracks at high SPL, then you could consider using additional amps for your three front channels.
I would however suggest that you get a couple of AC Infinity fans to put on top of the 3700 to prolong its life. This company has several offers with different features. Amazon has some of them at affordable prices. Here is one:

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