Is it OK to choose this size of speakers



Dear all,

I have a small music room, sized 3x4m (130 sqr ft). I'm using my self made buschorn mkII horns with fostex fe103en speakers, that I've built 10 years ago.

I love them, my wife doesn't (reminds her to the building process, when I somewhat neglected her), can't blame her for that, as she's right, despite the fact that I loved the building.

So, I ended up with the decision: I want a pair of new speakers.

I like the Q acoustics 3030i. Both the aesthetics and the sound (nice warm, mellow). My concern is the room size. I don't know if a speaker can be too big for a room, but reviews point out that these speakers would be ideal for small rooms, around 25 m2, but my room is half that size. I think I sould call my room miniature, not small.

Should I go for the smaller 3020i or stick to the 3030i?

I would be grateful for any suggestions.thx,



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Not much difference size or price wise. However with the 3030i having a larger woofer cone, i would go with that.
Much easier reducing bass when needed than trying to add it and the speaker not being capable of what you want.

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