Is it OK? Replaced a passive subwoofer with a bigger speaker



Had an old Onkyo SL 107, active sub woofer which was not working.

It has 8" speaker, with 150 w amplifier,

Specs says Input impedance 1.2 kΩ (for SPEAKER LEVEL INPUT terminals) 65 kΩ (for LINE INPUT jacks) Sensitivity Speaker-Level 1.6 V Line 230 mV
On the 8" speaker, 4ohm is printed.

Have a cheap Philips sound bar with Passive subwoofer (specs: 5.25", 60 W, impedence 3.6)

I simply ripped apart all internal components from Onkyo and replace it with Philips subwoofer.

Sound is better. But is it safe for the circuits inside philips sound bar?

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