IOGEAR USB Theater Sound Xperience (GUADT51) Preview



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Would you pay $40 to make your headphones sound like simulated dts Surround? How about if the device to do it looked like a cool vacuum tube? $40 isn't a ton of money (at least not in this business) and IOGEAR is betting that consumers will want to spring for a new way to listen to 5.1 audio with headphones. The USB Theater Sound Xperience (Model GUADT51) is the first USB audio adapter that uses dts Surround Sensation Headphone technology. The idea is that you connect the USB device to a computer's USB 2.0 port, and you get a simulated surround sound experience on stereo headphones or even speakers. How does it do it? Well, we don't know the exact special sauce, but it's a combination of isolating and enhancing certain frequencies, varying the volume intensity and messing with time delay - pretty much all at the same time.

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Has anyone actually tried this as it is $10 now?

Has anyone actually tried this? what are your thoughts?

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