Internet radio in new AVRs, and pre/pros via HEOS



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Didn't even know of it. Sounds like I have something new to play with now!
Same audio menu as where you'd go to change Audyssey mode. Comes in three flavors. Cheesy "fix" of course but I find it makes Pandora app more palatable since I just use the free version....

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Actually I was more curious then anything as to how and why this Internet radio in a high end unit sounds so bad. It seem to me that actually might have taken work!
I can grab any stream available on the NET and play it in the highest quality.

My DAW is superb with its RME unit that can handle just about any codec known to man. It is connected to our family VPN server so I get the BBC direct form the UK and so can the HTPC. I find the quality of the BBC streams superb and you can download them to iPlayer. So I am not starved of quality.
The Philadelphia Orchestra stream from an empty concert Hall last Thursday was stunning in every way as I previously reported.

So there is no longer any excuse to be cluttering the web with lousy low bit rate Internet radio streams.
Yeah, no doubt about it some internet radio stations sound not much better than AM from my 61 year old Magnavox 6 transistor AM Pocket Radio. BTW, overall, what's your impression about the Marantz you've had for awhile now?

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