Inspire 6700 To Playstation 2?



Hi, i was just wondering has anyone had any success in linking the inspire 6700 speakers up to the ps2, i've been trying to do this for awhile no but have had no success, since the ps2 only out for sound is an optical cable or a serial cable that can gives 3 cables for s-vid, vid and sound (and i plug into my video recorder via a scart connector, and feed from that into the tv). I have had much trouble trying to play the sound through the speakers. I have thought of hooking the ps2 to my audigy 2 soundcard through the optical cable, but i'm not sure if that would work, or mabey translating the sound cable from the serial ps2 port into a headphone cable and putting that into the control unit for the 6700 speakers. Anyway, does any of this make sence to anyone and i would be much obligued if anyone could help me with this problem. Thanks in advance once again.

P.S. The things i've got to work with currently is a ps2, audigy 2 card, inspire 6700 speakers and a converter for the 3 cables that come out of the ps2 into a scart. Also i doubt a GameLink would work in this situation because unless i'm just being retarded i cant think of how it would connect.

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