(Informal) Chat with Dr. Earl Geddes of GedLee Audio



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Last week I asked Earl - in a thread on DIYaudio - if he would be willing to come on my YouTube channel and talk about a few different topics ranging from nonlinear distortion to how reviewers can do better. He obliged. It was a great opportunity to talk to someone who I truly admire and respect. You’ll have to excuse me for occasionally “fan-girling”. ;) :D

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Personally, the discussion was very beneficial for me as it gave me some ideas on areas I can improve my reviews. If you watch you’ll see we talk about compression and I mention that I perform what I would consider a “dynamic” test. He suggested doing long term compression and convinced me to add that back in to my arsenal. So I’ll be incorporating that in future reviews but in a different manner than I had done before.
I also was simply unaware that - due to masking - our ability to hear distortions of a loudspeaker are lessened as we increase output. This makes me think that it might be more beneficial to test HD components at lower SPL.... or potentially just not worry about it altogether. (I already provide 86dB and 96dB @ 1m HD components for loudspeaker/transducer tests)

I have to thank Earl again for joining me and helping me (us) understand the various aspects of nonlinear distortion and I appreciated his insight in to the other topics we touched on.


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Can't wait to watch it: Keep up the great content, Erin!

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