Infinity Reference Series Loudspeaker Preview



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Infinity has been relatively quiet for the last few years in the home audio market. Today that changes with the release of their new Reference series of loudspeakers. A comprehensive lineup consisting of nine new models, Infinity unveiled a pair of towers, bookshelf speakers, center speakers, and subwoofers, as well as a dedicated surround channel. Prices range from $350/pair for the R152 bookshelf speakers to $1,000/pair for the three-way R263 towers. Click to find out all the details of Infinity's new line.

Read the Infinity Reference Series Loudspeaker Preview

Are you excited about this new speaker line from Infinity? Which model are you planning on getting?


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Seems like pretty much the same model naming convention as the Primus line. I like consistency within a make of speakers, makes it easier to remember.


Very interesting! This review is very interesting and well written...and these products made me think about the loudspeakers produced by Italian company Sonus faber. Do you know it?


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A rear firing midbass that uses the wall for diffusion but the tweeters point out for cleaner dispersion of highs? Interesting design on the surround speaker and now I'll have to check those out. Depending on price, I'll probably pick up a pair of the bookshelf speakers and give them a rundown.

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