In-ceiling speaker suggestions for a Martin Logan 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos System



Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for in-ceiling speakers for a Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 system that will tonally match my current Martin Logan setup. I'd like to stick to ML if possible but open to other suggestions. Currently I'm running a 5.1 Martin Logan system consisting of Sequel II's for the Mains, Cinema for the Center and Scripts for the surrounds. Recently upgraded from an Anthem MRX 300 to an Anthem MRX 720 that is being used as a preamp with an Anthem MCA 5 5ch amp 225w x5 running the mains, center and surrounds. I have a NEC AVA-505 3/5 ch amp which would have 4 channels at 40w/ch at 4 ohms that I was planning on using for the 4 Atmos in-ceiling speakers. The basement room is about 38'x 14' with 7' drop ceilings, only the first 1/3 of the room is being used for the home theater the rest is open to a guest bedroom on the other end.

My initial thoughts are the ML Motion MC6-HT or the ML IC6-HT both have a 6.5" driver with the MC6 having a folded motion tweeter and the IC6 having a more traditional 1" titanium dome tweeter. Both also have a built in 30º angle baffle which I thought could help steer the sound to the MLP to compensate for the low ceiling height.
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