I'm not big on games. . .



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but I enjoy them in my own way, I suppose. I liked the early COD games and just the campaigns. I don't care about setting any speed records. Just liked shooting things and blowing stuff up.

Anyway, just for the heck of it, I ordered COD infinite warfare. Things have changed. Now you need Steam account, only to find that the product reg key has already been used by someone else and this is bought as new from Amazon. They're sending another.

I don't care if the game is lame, as long as I get to shoot some bad guys.

The multiplayer stuff just ps's me off. I used to play multiplayer games via null modem. At least there, if someone was being a douche, you could walk over to them and give them a noogey on their forehead until they knocked it off.


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I wouldn't think the newer COD games are great for just some instant gratification shooting stuff. Too much crap like cut scenes and 'story.' If you just want to blow some stuff away, try Killing Floor 2, or basically any arena style game, like the Unreal Tournament games. I hear the latest Doom game is an absolute blast, but I haven't played it. I don't have much time for computer games these days, wish I did. I do like some games that are heavy on carnage.

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