iHome iBN97 Bluetooth Clock Radio Preview

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    iHome has cornered the market, in my opinion, on docking alarm clocks. They have great features (like dual alarms) and they just work. The new iBN97 is a new model that, for the first time that we've seen, adds NFC to an alarm clock. Of course, it also includes Bluetooth for wireless connectivity from virtually any mobile device. That makes this a fully wireless clock radio that has the same features as most of iHome's docking products—and likely they saved some licensing fees by eliminating the need for a lightning dock. And the best thing is that the iBN97 also costs the same as most of iPhone's other higher-end clock radios. The iBN97 is very similar to the iBT97 except that it adds NFC capability which, with a properly-equipped phone, means that you only have to get it close (placing it in the included docking bracket) to sync the devices together and stream audio to the iBN97.

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