I Switched to a Passive Preamp and a Crown Power Amp


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I was using a Sherwood receiver and switched to a Nobsound NS-05P passive preamp and a Crown X-1000 power amp. The speakers are Boston Acoustics A26 bookshelf speakers. The clarity is amazing! I was using a subwoofer but am now just using the Bostons. I have no tone controls and do not need any. I cannot get over how good this sounds.

Is anyone else using a passive preamp, which is really just a volume control?

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I have a NEC CD player which has output with a volume control that I often use connected directly to an Adcom GFA 555 II when testing speakers. I also connect my laptop directly to amplifiers for testing purposes which includes playing music.

As long as you are using line level sources with some form of gain/level control, that's all you need.
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Yep that's sort of the straight wire approach. As long as you don't need anything but (I'd find it too limiting personally).

Mark of Cenla

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Well I used two RCA splitters to send one signal to the Crown X-1000 and the other to my SONY subwoofer. To me it now sounds amazing. Peace and goodwill.

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