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    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully give me a real and honest answer and helpful information instead of just knock the equipment itself. I have a good bit of old or vintage stereo equipment passed down to me from my father from when he was my age, 25. I currently use this equipment in my home as my surround sound system. I just would like to know the honest value of the items I have if i were to consider selling this equipment for someone to add to there vintage setup/collection. As well as if it would be better to sell in partial sets or as one big set. I will list the equipment below and all of the equipment is in excellent condition. Yes they have minimal normal wear and tear but they are in no way shape or for "beaten up" nor "tattered". If I were to see these same items in a store and wanted them for my personal collection in their current condition I would pay top dollar for them. So here are all the items in question:

    1 Technic Tuner/Mixer Model # SA-351

    1 Technic Turntable Model # SLQ-351

    1 Technic 3-way Speaker SET Model # SB-K915

    1 Technic 3-way Speaker SET Model # SB-K25

    1 JVC Double Cassette Deck Model # TS-W207

    1 Realistic Double Cassette Deck Model # SCT-74

    This is my collection so far, like I said these were all handed down to me by my father. So please any information as to the value of these components SEPARATELY or as a SET is appreciated. Thank you.

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