I have a turntable question



<font color='#000000'>Since I am relatively new when it comes to turntables, I felt I should post here.

Here is my question regarding my problem:

Okay, so I got this turntable a week and a half ago. Gemini XL-120, I love it, but something bothers me and I cannot figure it out..

When I am listening to an LP everything is fine and dandy until I get to like the last song of one side of any LP I am listening to..
On every LP the song closest to the center of the LP tends to have this weird tiny/muted/tingy sound to it..

Since it happens to whatever track is closest to the center of the LP I get the feeling that something needs to be adjusted.. I just don't know what.

Anyone have any idea???</font>


<font color='#000000'>Sounds like the tracking force is not consistent across the LP. Can you set the tracking force on the tone arm?</font>


Junior Audioholic
<font color='#000000'>You can try adjusting the tone arm height or the weight. I'm not entirely sure if your gemini has those adjustments. Neither of my friends nor I have ever had problems with our technics sl-1200mk2's. The only reason we had to adjust the weight was apply more downforce because mixing/scratching would cause skipping.

The cartridges we used were Shure M77's.</font>
Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

<font color='#000080'>Aren't you supposed to tape a penny to the arm...? hehe, Flashback!</font>

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