Hygienic AV in a post COVID world??



I think we're anticipating a cultural shift once life settles into a new normal. New work from home arrangements, less corporate travel, death of the hand shake, etc- these are the items people already talking about. I think a lot of industry is focused on these items, but I wonder about use of more traditional AV systems.
Will people be adverse to touching things like door knobs, elevator buttons and by extension- touch panel controls, HDMI cables, etc? Is there a way to make these things more hygienic? Does the future look like wireless presentation and either automation or control from voice/personal devices? What is everyone doing to adapt to these new realities?https://solitaire.onl/ https://9apps.ooo/
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As far as AV goes, the remote is the obvious "hub", but since it is typically only me (with occasional use by my daughter or GF who are already in my "shelter at home" pod) I don't see it as a threat.
For elevators, speech commands (like on Star Trek, though there you are telling the central computer where to take the elevator) should work fine given the limited vocabulary required (with a simple list of the command words posted in the elevator). I guess you could leave the control pad in place for people with speech disabilities.


I honestly don't think the majority of workplaces will stick to new work from home when this clears in a year.

I'm sure my company would purchase $100-300 Cisco units that function like Alexa's that would change the inputs and volume for users.

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