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Hello all, just got a new D@ll 8400 Computer that I am going to be using for my new HTPC. I did not get any speakers with it as I wanted some of the pros to chime in on this. In the system is the Sound Blaster Audigy™2 ZS (D) Card w/Dolby 5.1, and IEEE 1394. I assumed it was "top of the line" but some people on "other" forums said it is not. D@ll has this is all of thier models including the New Gen XPS 5. My question (s) are as follows:

1) Can anyone suggest a "reasonably priced" 5.1 DD speaker set. I want something that obviously sounds crisp with deep base and all the bells and whistles...(no pun intended).

2) Does the sound card above have the DD 5.1 out or only D 5.1out? What is everyones take on that card. Also if there is a "better" card in terms of qaulity than please suggest one. Basically going to be using it as a "small" HTPC if there is a term, i.e. watching occassional tv and stuff like that and eventually HDTV video playback and some DVD's.

thanks alot!



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couple brands

for 5.1 computer speakers, you can't go wrong with logitech, creative, and klipsch.

the logitech 5500's are the most feature filled. they did a review here, so read that to get an idea. 10inch sub, 3inch sats. cheapest of the bunch, bang for the buck.

the sound card you have and do the 5.1 for you, so you don't need a decoder, so the creative gigaworks (5.1 not 7.1) will work, and are know for being the best music computer speakers. pricey, but i would pay the premium, as my logitech 2200's have peaky frequencys.

Klipsch have the promedia ultras. have dual 8inch subwoofer and 5 sats. no decoder but you can buy one extra for $150us. these are the most expensive, but have been know for having the best subwoofer.

hopefully this gives you an idea. these are what i would choose from.
PS: you can buy a digital decoder for the creative as well, but more $$.


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