I think it's going to be pretty hard to find a unit 2" tall that has room for a drive, plus all the rest... I saw a lot in the 3.9-4.1" range that will support mATX boards, full height CD drives, multiple hard drives, etc.

The nMedia PC case I bought isn't so great. The form factor is perfect for me, as it fits a full ATX board, the hard drive tray holds 6 drives, and the built in fans are relatively quiet. The expansion port section was horrible though, I had to use an angle grinder to get the cutouts out to be able to fit cards in... They should just pop right out. And some cards don't fit quite right. Function has been excellent though and you never see the back of the unit so for day to day use it doesn't bother me at all...
That's the thing, there really is no "all the rest" in my build


Fractal Design: Node 605

Hey fellas,

New here; just figured I'd breath some life into this thread asking if anyone has yet gotten their hands on or seen the Fractal Design: Node 605 and what they think :).

Node 605 - Fractal Design



It does have front panel IO... Anyone seen the elusive case? Can't find it anywhere in Canada.



Does anyone know where to get JUST the case that they use for the heatsync 7000? I don't want the motherboard or drives they use. I want a fanless case with good heat radiators.


Ah yes I'm stirring up an old thread but due to my 2011 Panasonic HD3D plasma not having a Netflix app and meanwhile using my 2011 Panasonic Blueray that had the app but support was discontinued a week ago I now have a tower style PC case and a spare puter grinding away beside my TV now. Now I was considering after actually realizing what the buzz words are for these cases which is HTPC. In reality I don't need something tiny, I need for my TV stand something the shape of a VCR, Satelite TV Receiver, or DVD player. Simply put something that lays flat that would house my micro or mini ATX motherboards I have laying around. Back in the day these flat cases were refered to by some as "pizza boxes" and this is what would work which are the typical office computer you plunk ontop of your tiny desk and throw the monitor ontop of the pizza box. Now we call these office computer pizza boxes HTPC and the price literally skyrockets above what you can get a higher end pizza box office computer for on Amazon or other sellers for what an empty HTPC case is selling for. Any current suggestions for something reasonably good for $100 or less and would actually be a flat office style computer case? In reality in the past nobody even wanted that style case due to limitations in how many drives you could throw in etc. and besides I have mid to server towers due to drives and sitting beside my desk so it doesn't matter and my TV stand has shelves where components can be stacked above each other laying flat! Previous posts in this thread also mentioned the prices being high and another member mentioned he was waiting to win a lottery as a result!
Oh as for using a PC as a steaming device I discovered on eBay remotes meant for HT or HTPC streamers that on the back side of the remote actually have a keyboard as well for text needing to be typed in instead of having a keyboard laying ontop of my tower. A PC also gives me the option of using Kodi on my Ubuntu as well instead of purchasing an Android box.

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