<font color='#000000'>Hi everyone!

I'm an absolute newbie to Home Theater, so please bear with me!

I purchased a Sony HT-DDW840 system a few days ago. After initial setup (I connected it to my Audigy2 using the coaxial and the 5.1 inputs), I was very pleased with the sound, but after some careful listening I noticed a constant hiss coming out of all speakers (more details here if anyone's interested). &nbsp;After a lot of tweaking, I went back to the store and the salesman offered to replace it with a new unit if I couldn't solve the problem. But he also offered to change the brand/model if I so desired, offering a slightly more expensive system consisting of the Yamaha RX-V430 receiver and the NS-P320 speakers.

The problem is, of course, a matter of choice (sorry, just saw Reloaded for the second time &nbsp;

The speakers seem better (89 db versus 85 db for the Sony's), but the subwoofer in the Yamaha set is just 50 W with a 16 cm. cone, how would it compare to the sub included with Sony's kit, which is rated at 100 W with a 20 cm cone?. Besides, I have no idea about the comparative quality of the receivers, so I'm turning to you for some advice. I'm on a tight budget, of course, and audio gear isn't available in all the flavors you have, so those are about the only options I currently have (maybe an Onkyo tx-ds494 or a Pioneer vsx-d810s would be in the same price range, but I'm not sure if they have them in stock). Any help greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Joey.

PS: Well bummer, I just read the manual carefully and it clearly states that the figure of 100 W at 0.09% THD is only for the US and Canada models, all the rest have 0.7% THD, which I assume isn't too good. Does it make much of a difference, as in &quot;drop it and get another one ASAP&quot;?</font>
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