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Glenn Martin

Glenn Martin

I've spent quite some time saving for my first real dedicated theatre room. I decided to go with a 2:35 screen with custom software for masking. Here are some pics of the install so far. I'll list out the components below:

Projector: Epson PC 4030
Screen: Screen Innovations Zero Edge Slate grey .8 gain with light kit.
Receiver: Marantz SR7010
Power Managment: Panamax MR5100 andPanamax SP-1000 for the PJ, receiver and Sub.
Rack: Middle Atlantic RCS2724

Speakers: Revel F206, right/left , Revel c205 Center, Revel B110 Sub , Revel w763 Surround LR and Rear LR and Revel C763 Surround HL and Surround HR.

Remote: URC MX-890 with IR Basestation

We removed the closet from the media room to give us a perfect rectangle with no obstructions to allow for the best speaker and seat placement. You'll see in the pics it's outside of the media in a game room. The Revel system is something else, especially when it's fully used playing back an ATMOS or DTS:X supported movie. Pics below:

Movie setup:

Nvidia Shield TV running the SPMC Fork of Plex to get ATMOS and DTS:X support
Plex media server installed on a Laptop connected to a 16TB library of ripped blurays.
Custom Plex skin "Scope Nox" which has built in software controls for masking and support for 21:9 and 16:9 content.
Movie count: 1002
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Sounds great! When can we move in?

By the way, welcome to the forums!


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very nice speakers, equipment, and room. You might think about beefing up the sub though, while Revel makes a great speaker their subs look like they would only be adequate for a small room.


So jealous. Makes normal folk like me not want to post my setup.

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