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<font color='#000000'>I'm not a huge expert in this dept. I have a Marantz SR-9000G Reciever connected to a Marantz SA-8260 CD Player. This system is in my office/play area at home.
Now my thoughts are drifting to getting a home theatre system put together. Which is near my office/play area, but would require wiring from my system to the conversation pit. This would require no less than about 20yards of wiring to accomplish.
1. Should I try to connect my current audio system to this? And how do I do it? My reciever was built before Home Theatre systems came into style.
2. Should I start with something completly seperate and not mix the two medians?

Any thoughts on this here?</font>
<font color='#000000'>I'm thinking 20 yards and lack of visual to the equipment (i.e. infrared remote issues) may not be worth the hassle.

Perhaps it's time to go with a new DTS receiver and speakers. What's your budget?</font>


<font color='#000000'>Im thinking I would be willing to spend somewhere around $1000 to $1500 for the reciever to start... is there a way to set it up so that the speakers can be used by one system or the other?</font>
<font color='#000000'>OK... up to $1500 on the receiver... You would need a speaker level mixer/switcher to control 1 set of speakers from two sources... Not sure I'd do that, since you would want to apply all available monies towards getting yourself upgraded - but perhaps others would have some additional input for a solution.

As for receivers, I'd recommend: Yamaha RX-V1, RX-V3300, Denon AVR-3803, AVR-4802 (find a deal) or some other brands recommended by our Members...

Are you buying speakers right away then for home theatre or waiting?</font>

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