Home Theater Wiring - Why It Matters



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Joe Cornwall of Impact Acoustics and Cables to Go discusses why cables do indeed matter when considering your wiring needs for a whole house audio installation or home theater. When generating a cable list for your home theater it's important to consider not only what your devices are, but length, signal type and intended use - both now and future. Failure to consider all options can result in a misconfiguration and lots of work down the road.

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That was a fantastic video! I was able to follow along quite easily, but I suspect many won't understand what he's saying. Despite this, I recommend that everyone should watch that video. Joe really has his stuff down and he's a wonderful presenter.

That RF modulation idea is brilliant.
Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

Joe's just fun to listen to. Great guy and very knowledgable and humble.

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