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How many subwoofers should I get?

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I'm in the same boat. Replacing a 20+ year velodyne uld12.

My listening space is in our family room which is 4200^. It's adjacent to our kitchen/dining which adds another 2990^. The final kicker is we have a arched hallway leading to the front of the house which adds at least another 3000^. Even more if the kids bedroom doors are open.

So you're looking at 10000^ in a best case scenario. Obviously a 12" sealed sub is way over its head.

Now having said that. I've been happy with my current setup. I will admit I've never attempted to listen at reference levels.

Before buying our current home, I lived in a much smaller home. I had the same setup and the same sub in a space about 1700^. It had more 'pressure' but I haven't been dissatisfied since the move. We been in our current home for over 15years and I've never felt the need to upgrade.

Now that I'm forced to get something I decided on the Psa s1500. It's on the way and will be here Wednesday.

At some point I may add another sub but there are only a few locations I can place it due to size limitations and the open design of our home. You can find enjoyment even in less than desireable circumstances.
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The s-500 arrived and it is awesome. Spent the last few days listening to music. Last night my son and I watched Tron. Two things became clear
1. As great as the velodyne uld-12 was 25 years ago, the psa s1500 just crushes it.
2. I will probably order a 2nd.

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