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So Best Buy is coming in a month to install a TV and sound system. A guy came out to the house and layed out everything I would need. Only issue is it's o er my budget. I just really need help dropping the total price without losing to much quality. Here is a list of items we have ready to purchase. We will have 2 ceiling speakers and 3 in wall speaker sub and receiver. I have no idea about audio so I don't know if he is trying to upsell or if these are the best speakers I can get around my budget. They install evening for free as long as I buy it there with the account t my wife has. So anything I buy has to come from Best Buy. I just really need to lower the price some.heres a list of what we have now. Please let me know if there are any speakers I would be able to buy at Best Buy at cheaper price without losing to much quality. Thanks!

-Sonance - MAG Series 6-1/2" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair) - Paintable White

-SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer - Black Ash

-Onkyo - TX-NR6100 7.2 Channel THX Certified Network A/V Receiver - Black

-MartinLogan - Motion Series CI, 6.5" Midrange with Folded Motion Tweeter, 2-Way In-Wall Speaker (Each) - Paintable White...×3


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What is your budget?
What are they charging for things?
Is installation labor included on all of this? If so, how much?
What is the price for the cabling?
Where are you located?

Best Buy makes a lot of money on certain things and will definitely charge more for specific items.

Depending on where you live, you may be better off hiring a local/smaller AV provider instead of a big box store.


A guy came out to the house and layed out everything I would need.
It would seem Best-Buy must have thought Christmas had come early.

My first question is why are you forced to use best-buy, You will do a lot better using a dedicated Hi-Fi, HT outlet, rather then a box seller, who's sales people really have no idea, of what's available and what will go with what. Or does "her indoors" dictate your every move. Now I know why I traded my X in when her time was up. Woman are a bit like guns, You can always trade a 45 for a 22. Please excuse my sinasisium.

May I inquire why your restricting yourself to in-wall speakers, which may I say require specific knowledge to get the positioning correctly alined. Hit and miss will simply not give you the best result. It's not like a floorstander, which can be moved to get the correct alignment.

Unfortunately you have not quoted a budget. So no one is able to say if your getting a good deal and value for your money, And once it's spent it's gone forever.

I think BMX have given you a good concise list of what you should be looking for, by way of installation and costs involved

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