High Definition music streaming from Amazon



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I’ve recently added the high def upgrade on the Amazon account. Cheap enough. Very aggravating to find they don’t sell a device that can actually play anything over basic streaming.

I’m playing with a definitive tech product (w adapt) that seems to output higher definition but it’s very twitchy with their service. What are you using with Amazon that plays what you’ve paid for and is stable?



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I cringe everytime I see Amazon and the HD descriptor they borrowed from video and has little to do with audio. That it only relates to regular old redbook cd quality is to me a bit misleading, too. Not that redbook cd is not high enough definition, because it is. I've seen many complaints about app/device combos that can't do the higher resolution files so far, tho. Have you tried asking Amazon for a list of app/device combos that can?


I do internet radio MP3 music streaming via my AVR or sometimes Directv music channels. Music is pretty clean via multichannel setting. Have good speakers will travel.

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