Hello. I am a music lover. I hardly ever watch tv so most of the time I have the stereo on and turned up. Company usually knocks and comes on in cause they know that the only thing I can hear is the music. And I love to listen to it all the time and as loud as possible. I previously had a Frankenstein set up for my stereo but I was recently given a stereo system that is way out of my league and I have no idea how to set it up. There is 7 different components and I have no clue where to start. From the top of the shelf down there is a: Sony multichannel av receiver str-da3500es
Denon precision audio component drm-800
Sony digital sync/hi-precision d/a system 508esd
Adcom tuner model gft-555 II
Adcom preamp gfp-565
Adcom amplifier gfa-555
Rel t3 sub bass system
Plus there is an energy reference connoisseur speaker set up and a klipsch promedia 2.1 speaker system.

I have all this stereo stuff and I have no idea where to start with setting it up. Can anyone please help me? Please! I haven't been able to listen to my music all week and I am starting to feel a little cranky without it.


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If you were able to kluge together a frankenstien system, you must have some basic understanding of how to connect the pieces together. What are your specific questions?

The Adcom kit is pretty dope, so let's work with that to start.

Where does it start? Well, from a music content standpoint, it starts with the source components (the tuner, disc player, and tape deck, or anything else that has analog output, including whatever it is you're using in your franken rig). Connect those components to the corresponding inputs on your Adcom preamp using rca cables. Do not connect any of those components to the "phono" inputs, as that input is for a turntable's output. The phono pre in the old Adcom is quite good, if you ever decide to add a tt.

Next, connect the preamp to the amplifiers (yes, you have two amps, the Adcom and the onboard amp of the sub). That Adcom preamp has three sets of pre-outs to choose from. The "bypass" preouts bypass the internal tone controls, but neither the "lab" or "normal" outputs do, so if you plan to use the bass and treble controls on the preamp, be sure to use the "normal" or "lab" pre-outs. After you have decided that, connect one set of pre-outs to the Adcom amp's inputs, and another set to line level input on the sub.

Finally, connect the amp to the speakers using speaker wire, observing phase.

That's really about it. You have some controls on the back of the sub which you'll use for calibration (blending the sub with your main speakers).
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Hi Shortsara,

Please give us an idea as to what your music sources are going to be, but for now I'd suggest you do a 180 from the above to keep things simple, and use the Sony receiver str-da3500es (circa 2009) as the center of your system. Then I'd connect the Energy Speaker setup, and the REL T3 Sub. What is left from your Frankenstein system?

The Denon drm-800 is an old 1989 cassette deck. Do you want to use it? The Adcom gear is from 1995. The klipsch promedia 2.1 speaker system is to connect to a computer. I'd put those aside, at least for the time being.

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