help with Home theatre system. KEF?



Hey Everyone, So I'm moving into a new apartment and am in need of a new great sounding / musical HT setup. TV / main listening area will be in a large concrete floored living room / kitchen / loft space (20x30 12' tall ceilings). I listen to a very wide range of music but all of it is streaming as is my visual media. Looking at a new Vizio 85" as my screen but need a great sounding center/front L+R/ and ideally someway to rig up a wireless rear channel (I don't want to dig into the walls or lay long cables). Budget for the system is maybe 5k so I can't go too crazy. So far KEF looks like they have something solid in my price range.

Any other suggestions you all might have?


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85" in an apartment, that takes some ballz ha. Personally I would never mix wire/wireless audio and for your price there's a ton to choose from. Just make sure your place has a proper layout for surround then pick a quality receiver and you could go with a ton of brands so doing some research would be a good start. Kef is popular so is SVS but if you have a place local to listen that's the best.

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