Help on Connections to subwoofer



I have a dj controller with 2 x 1/4" TRS outputs
2 powered monitors KRK Rokit 8 with 1 input TRS balanced, 1 XLR and 1 RCA unbalanced for each monitor.
The controller is connected to each monitor with a cable 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR female.
In the past I also had a Rokit subwoofer and the controller was connected to the subwoofer (cable 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR female) and then subwoofer to monitors with cables XLR male and female. So, all balanced.

Now I plan to buy a new powered subwoofer but this only have 4 high level inputs (L+, L-, R+, R-) and 4 outputs (L+, L-, R+, R-) with banana type connector and RCA in (L&R) and out (L&R) for Aux that in my case I believe I should not use.

I believe I cannot use the cables I already have (1/4'' TRS x XLR), and replace the XLR by banana because banana is unbalanced, correct?

Also the other 2 cables XLR male and female are also useless for the same reason, correct?

Any advise?

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