Help Needed: Multi Channel Audio / Digital Media



Hello All,

I am building out a small theater / listening room in my office. I am looking for a solution to play Multi Chanel Music on my 9.2 system.

I have the following components
Sony SONY-STRAZ7000ES 13.2 Chanel receiver
Window's PC
Nvidea Shield with Plex Media Server
Integra Blue Ray Player (need to confirm model)

I am very interested in playing multi channel music, but I dont know what sources carry multi channel and or where to source the music how to get the output to my receiver.

I have easy access to run HDMI or audio extenders over baluns / Cat 5e/6.
I used to play multi channel PCM dvd audio on my old system but I lost access to those discs in a divorce :-(

I imaging there is a digital source for multi channel audio and or I can simply play 2 channel music in multi channel stereo mode.

Also, if you have any suggestions for a HDMI and 2 channel audio extender over Cat5/6 that would be appreciated. Id like to get Video and Audio from my PC to my Receiver. Im running an old BENQ 1080 P projector.

Much Thanks,



Audioholic Jedi
My multich audio takes a few forms. I use SACD, DVD-A, Bluray for discs. There's some multich audio on youtube I've run into, but not a lot. There's the Atmos converted stuff on Apple, Tidal and Amazon for streaming afaik. You might be able to download your multich music files onto a thumb drive for playback via your bluray player (multich files not usually supported by an avr IME but don't know about these latest Sony models). I wouldn't play stereo files via all ch stereo, I'd just use a surround upmixer (Dolby or DTS....does yours have a Sony 360 feature?).

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