Help me to understand my REW results


Andy Verdy

I'm a newbie in REW, so can you please help me read and interpret my results?

I don't know what is happening at 68hz. I tried everything, phases, delays, EQ (in SVS app), Crossovers, LFE, LFE+Mains all cross for mains from 40-120hz, LFE cross 80-200hz, nothing.

What I did
1) changed speaker placement
2) Played with sub positioning
3) I tried to get the best results I could with EQ and minor room treatment I have
4) Run Audyssey, limited it to 500hz
5) Tryed Reference, Flat and Off Audyssey
6) Did the final EQ in the SVS app

My form is kind of L shape, with a window on one side and an open space on the other. 13x18 to the kitchen counter and 13x26 to the wall with 9 ft ceilings

My couch is by the wall, and I can't change it (it is what it is)

Marantz 8012
Mains Klipsch 8000f
Sub SVS 2000 PRO

Center Klipsch 504C
Surround 500M


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David C. Snyder

David C. Snyder

I'm looking at your mdat file, but I can't quite make sense of what you have there. Do you mind adding information in the notes field of each measurement that include the following:
  • which speakers were playing during the sweep (I usually do one at a time, including sub)
  • mic model, position, and orientation
  • EQ settings
Here's what I'm seeing at the moment:

Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 4.44.18 AM.png

…but I don't know what "LR LFE 4.28M" means. This would seem to suggest this weep includes both left and right speakers plus sub at 4.28 meters? Not sure, but I've found that recording with more than one full-range speaker playing at the same time usually produces data that's difficult to make sense of due to comb filter effect, etc. Exception to this may be uncorrelated pink noise, but does not appear to be what was used here.

Andy Verdy

Yeah, I know, naming is completely busted.
I'll redo measurements today. Want to play with my second sub that just arrived and Min DSP

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