Help finalzing projector



First time HT setup by using my game room and do not have a dedicated media room. Trying to decide between upcoming benq ht 3550 vs optoma uhd50 va optoma uhd60.

Any recommendations which one to go for?


Audioholic Warlord
Without much in the way of reviews of the 3550 it is hard to say how it truly compares. The venerable W1070 which started BenQ down a very serious path of being one of the absolute best entry level models puts a lot of pressure on the 3550 to be excellent as it can be a direct replacement model (zoom range/offset).

But, Optoma has dug in deep with RGB/RGB color wheels on their models and quality performance.

I would keep in mind that these are all entry level DLP models and that contrast won't touch the Epson 5040 (or upcoming 5050) models, or any of the JVC models. For what it's worth, I picked up a JVC X590 (2018) new in the box for $1,700 on eBay. So, it may be worth looking at the other options out there if your budget allows it and you want that added quality in contrast which is delivered.

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