Help Audioholics Forum: A Call to Action



Audioholics Master Chief

In effort to increase our forum engagement and traffic, I am trying out a new thing where we post product related threads for people to engage.

Please see my latest example:

Basically I’d like your help in getting as many of these type of posts up for all of the major manufacturers.

Here are Some Guidelines:

1. Create a forum account if you don’t already have one and send me the user ID so I can give you a custom Audioholics Title

2. Select the appropriate forum section to post. IE. If your covering a loudspeaker, select the loudspeaker forum section. HDTV go to Displays, Subwoofer go to Subwoofer section, etc. Double check before beginning to make sure the product will go to the right forum category.

3. Pay careful attention to Page Title. Do in the following format: Manufacturer Name, Model #, Product Type, “Overview”. Please see my example post above and note: “JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor Speakers Overview”. It’s imperative that you get the correct spelling and nomenclature for brand and model else we won’t get relevant SEO for these posts.

4. Give a one paragraph overview of the product and try to include $MSRP. Make sure you mention brand, model# and product description within the actual body of the paragraph.

5. Include at least one image. Note how I made the main product image large and the secondary images as thumbnails. Our forum gives you this option when uploading the images from your computer.

6. Don’t include links to the manufacturers. We don’t want to drive traffic away from our forum. We want people to engage on our forum.

7. Ask them to engage by posing a question like: “What do you think about this product?” “Has anyone heard this product?” “Is this the next reference?” Be creative to get engagement.

8. Try to select interesting, non obscure products from the Manufacturer pages. Go for stuff that hits our demographic of readers. Our forum guys love high value audio gear from brands like: Paradigm, Klipsch, Polk, Definitive Technology, Denon, Yamaha, etc.

9. Divide and conquer. Hit up about 5 products from each manufacturer before moving on.

10. Please search this forum for an existing product page of a product before starting a new related thread for it so we don’t repeat and waste effort.

I appreciate ALL help and feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks all!


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